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Calibration Services

Accurate and regular calibration of control instrumentation is essential for product quality and efficient use of raw materials. Scheduled calibration forms part of all ISO 9000 quality systems. Calibration should always be carried out by qualified personnel using calibration instruments whose accuracy is traceable to National Standards. Regular calibration is also a safety precaution against malfunctioning instruments.
Our Calibration Service is accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and can provide calibration both on-site and off-site. All calibrations are certified and instruments are traceable to National Standards, the certification always kept current. We schedule the calibration work on behalf of many of our customers. We remind them of the date the calibration is due and make an appointment to perform the calibration. The new certificate for the instrument is normally provided on the following working day.

The service is efficient, professional and competitive. Contact us for a quotation or further information.
Pressure Temperature Electrical Dimensional R.H. & pH
 700 Bar to -1 Bar
Physical: 150 to -25
Thermocouple: J, K, T, B, N, R, S, & pT100
Simulation and Measurement of all standard Instrument Signals  Metric & Imperial R.H.: 12% to 76% R.H.

pH: 4.00, 7.00, 10.00 & others