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Excom Remote I/O Power Supplies

24V dc Supply


(Used in all Racks)

The power supply unit PSD24Ex is designed to power the excom® system and is sufficient for a fully assembled system. The power supply features a protection type combining EEx m, EEx e and EEx i and can thus be installed in Zone 1. Power supplies are integrated into protective aluminium housings and are fully encapsulated.
If the system is configured with redundant power supplies, a defective power supply may be removed from the rack for replacement during operation (provided module rack MT18-R024 is used). The PSD24Ex provides a supply voltage of 18...32 VDC.
Connection of the external supply is established via Exe terminals. It is not permitted to access live terminals of this kind. They are located under a protective cap and may only be accessed after suspending the power supply.


Two power supplies may be used. If one of the devices or the incoming line fails, the second power supply immediately takes over the supply of the entire system. It is possible to use different potentials for supply.

Type                PSD24Ex

● DC power supply unit for supply of a fully assembled module rack

● Redundant operation possible

● Protection type EEx m, EEx e, EEx i

● Supply of up to 128 binary or 64 analogue inputs/outputs

● Aluminium housing

● Complete encapsulation

● Via module rack

230Vac & 115Vac Supply

PPSA230Ex / PPSA115Ex

This module is in addition to PSU24/Ex (if reqd)

pre-power supply unit PPSA230Ex / PPSA115Ex
serves to supply the Excom system. The unit is designed for use in the special backplane MT..-.230. This backplane has additional slots to accommodate the pre-power supplies. The pre-power supply is the line-side device prior to and in addition to the standard power supply PSD24Ex.

The unit operates as an AC / DC converter with a nominal voltage input 230 VAC (115 VAC).
Connection to the external supply is established via EEx e terminals. It is not permitted to access live terminals of this kind. They are located under a protective cap and may only be accessed after suspending the power supply. It is also not allowed to separate live units. Removal of the fastening screw is only permitted when de-energised.

Type                           PPSA230Ex      PPSA115Ex

Ident-no.                        6900293            6900294
Max. voltage in             230 VAC           115 VAC
Max. power input           75 VA               75 VA
Max. voltage out
           32 VDC             32 VDC
Max. power output         60 W                60 W 

Ex approval                       PTB 04 ATEX 2047
Marking                            II 2 G EEx e m IIC T4
- Um                                        250 V
Degree of protection       IP50
Operating temperature    -20 ... +70 °C
Relative humidity             95% at 55 °C acc. to EN 60069-2
Vibration testing acc. to  IEC 68-2-6
Shock testing acc. to     IEC 68-2-27
Mounting flange             4 x M4 screws (torx)
Dimensions                   45 x 155 x 106 mm