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Atex Marking

As part of the harmonisation, the New Approach Directives provide for CE marking of all equipment. For equipment under the Atex directive, the CE mark designates conformity with the Directive and the assessment procedures. It also signifies conformity with all other applicable directives. Where a Notified Body is involved in the production-control phase of a product, its identification number must accompany the European Community CE mark (see below).


            0102 = PTB Germany  

Atex equipment must also bear the specified Ex –hexagon logo (see below) as used previously but must be followed by the symbol of the Group and Category. For Group II equipment the letter "G" for gases, vapours or mists and/or the letter "D" for dusts must also appear. Components kept outside the hazardous area (associated equipment), must have the Category enclosed in brackets ( ).

For example:


    I  M  2
Mining Products, Group 1, Category M2
     II  1  G
Non-mining Products, Group II, Category 1 for use in gas/vapour/mist atmospheres
     II  1  D
Non-mining Products, Group II, Category 1 for use in dust atmospheres
Protective system for use in gas/vapour/mist/dust atmospheres
          II  (1) GD
Device according to Article 1(2) of Directive 94/9/EC in the hazardous area with intrinsically safe circuits of Category "Ex ia", which can be connected e.g. to Category 1 equipment
       II  1/2 G
Apparatus which is installed in the boundary between different Zones e.g. complying partly with Category 1 and Category 2

Official Dimensions for Ex symbol

all dimensions are relative to dimension "a"