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Intrinsically Safe Piezo Solenoid Valves  


Fast operation:  Switching time < 2 milliseconds

Extra Low power consumption:

Switching Energy 0.014mWS;

Holding Energy: 0 watts

Ideally suited to Fieldbus Remote I/O Systems

Proven in use with Excom Remote I/O system


Poppet and Spool Valves 

Port Size Action Operation Nominal Flow Valve Series Part No (12Vdc Coil ) Part No (24Vdc Coil)
m5 3/2 Poppet 50l/min P8 PS11003-550A-01 PS11003-210A-01
G1/8 3/2 Poppet 110l/mil P20 PS11023-551A-01 PS11023-211A-01
G1/4 3/2 Spool 1300l/min S9 PS13204-556A PS13204-216A
G1/8 5/2 Spool 1300l/min S9 PS13118-556A PS13118-216A
G1/4 5/2 Spool 1300l/min S9 PS13210-556A PS13210-216A
P8 Series

P20 Series

S9 Series

Single Valve

3/2 Way Valve

5/2 Way Valve


Spool valve with ISO 5599 sizes 1, 2, & 3

Port Size Action Operation Nominal Flow Valve Series 12Vdc Coil 24Vdc Coil
5599/1 5/2 Spool 1380 l/min S20 PS13704-551A PS13704-211A
5599/2 5/2 Spool 3720 l/min S20 PS13724-551A PS13724-211A
5599/3 5/2 Spool 6660 l/min S20 PS13744-551A PS13744-211A

All valves are finised in Teflon, inside and outside, providing consistent flow rates and superior durability. Manifold arrangements are also available.

 The above charts indicate the most popular valves. Nominal pressure 6 Bar. Other valve type i.e. 4/2, 5/3, double acting, impulse acting, and other options. If the valve you require is not listed above, please contact our office where our technical staff will be happy to assist you in making your selection.



S20 to ISO5599

Size 1 Valve

Size 2 Valve

Size 3 Valve