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Proportional Pressure Regulator

Piezotronic technology has also been applied to proportional regulator units offering many advantages. Conventional pressure regulators comprise a pressure sensor measuring the outlet pressure, and providing a feedback signal to an amplifier. This signal is then compared to the control signal and the difference is converted to a digital signal, which energises one or the other of 2 internal two-way solenoid valves. With this type of regulator there is a large consumption of air when the valve exhausts through one of the solenoid valves to achieve the required output. The response times are poor and because the 2 solenoid valves are constantly being used, the service life can be low. 

The Hoerbiger Tecno regulator uses their piezo valve as its pilot unit, providing a fast and highly dynamic pilot signal. The piezo valve is driven via an integrated miniature pressure regulator and fine filter. The output then operates a proportional diaphragm pressure regulator, with two separate seats for pressurising and venting. The outlet pressure is compared with the set pressure via a pressure sensor and is constantly corrected by the electronic system resulting in:

          Higher Accuracy

          Responsiveness <0.1%

          Reaction times of <7ms

          Long Service Life

          Low power consumption


Port Size Max Flow Rate
Output Part No:
4-20mA Output
Part No:
Voltage Output
G1/8 350 0-8 Bar PS 11111-B PS 11113-B (0-8V)
G1/8 350 0-2 Bar PS 11139-B-20 PS 11162-B-20 (0-10V)
G1/8 350 0-0.2 Bar PS 11139-B-02 PS 11162-B-02 (0-10V)