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Intrinsically Safe
Standard Solenoid Valves

The following valves are certified intrinsically safe EEx ia IIC T6 and have IP65 Degree of Protection.
All direct operating valves are rated 0 to 8 bar and all spool valves are rated 3 to 8 bar.
These intrinsically safe valves must be supplied through a Digital Output Safety Barrier.

Note: Valve tables are in order of ascending port size.

1/8"  3/2  Direct Operating
Type E13AX...

1/4"  3/2 Spool Valve E23....
Type E23... 

1/4" 3/2 Valve Stainless Steel
Coil and Terminal Housing

3 Way Direct Operating I.S. Valves

Port Size Valve Body Coil Housing Type
1/8"BSP Zinc/AluminAlloy Zinc/AluminAlloy E13AXOAOOB
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E13AXOAOOB4959
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E13AXOSOOB4959
1/4"BSP Zinc/AluminAlloy Zinc/AluminAlloy E13AXOAOOB5707
1/4"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E13AXOAOOB6184
1/4"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E13AXOSOOB6184

3 Way I.S. Spool Valves

Port Size Valve Body Coil Housing Type
1/8"BSP AnodisedAluminium Zinc/AluminAlloy E13180AOOB
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E13180AOOB5764
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E13180S00B5764
1/4"BSP AnodisedAluminium Zinc/AluminAlloy E23180AOOB
1/4"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E23180AOOB5815
1/4"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E23180S00B5815
1/2"BSP AnodisedAluminium Zinc/AluminAlloy E43180AOOB
1/2"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E43180AOOB6603
1/2"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E43180S00B6603
1/8"BSP AnodisedAluminium Zinc/AluminAlloy E15180AOOB

4 Way I.S. Spool Valves

Port Size Valve Body Coil Housing Type
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E15180AOOB5764
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E15180S00B5764
1/4"BSP AnodisedAluminium Zinc/AluminAlloy E25180AOOB
1/4"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E25180AOOB5815
1/4"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E25180S00B5815
1/2"BSP AnodisedAluminium Zinc/AluminAlloy E45180AOOB
1/2"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy E45180AOOB6603
1/2"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel E45180S00B6603

Namur Direct Mounted 3/4 way valves

Port Size Valve Body Coil Housing Type
1/8"BSP AnodisedAluminium Zinc/AluminAlloy C1518PAOOB
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel Zinc/AluminAlloy N15184AOOB5843
1/8"BSP StainlessSteel StainlessSteel N15184S00B5843