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EExd (Flameproof) Alarm Sounders

Selection Notes:

Select and set tones on alarm sounders/sirens based on the nature of the alarm, the area covered and the background noise levels, the preferred method of protection (Intrinsic Safety or Flameproof) and of course, the certification requirements of the area where the sounder will be located. In cases where the alarm is of utmost importance e.g. emergency evacuation, consideration should be given to the fact that background noise levels are often much higher during an emergency than under normal conditions.
All sounders shown are manufactured in GRP. Stainless Steel and Marine Grade Alloy models also available. If further assistance is needed, please contact us.

Type Supply Sound Output       dB(A) Tones IP Certification Image
BExS110D/24Vdc 24Vdc 110 32 IP67 EExdIICT4
BExS110D/230Vac 230Vac 110 32 IP67 EExdIICT4
DB3D048-803001 12Vdc-48Vdc 108
(short flare) 115
(long flare)
27 IP66 EExdIICT4
DB3D240-803002 240Vac 108
 (short flare) 115
(long flare)
27 IP66 EExdIICT4