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Food Industry Inductive Sensors

Sensors Designed for the Food Industry

The Uprox+ wash-down sensors are the perfect solution for all requirements of food production. A special double lip sealing system prevents the ingress of cleaning agents between LCP front cap, threaded barrel and connector insert and effectively seals the sensor. Even  aggressive detergents and disinfectants, whether alkaline or acid, can cause no harm to the sensor, whose sensitive measuring core is protected by a robust V4A stainless steel housing. The Uprox+ sensors easily exceed the requirements of protection degree IP68 and IP69K and withstand the high-demand cleaning procedures employed in the food and beverage industry. The sensors may be cleaned and disinfected daily at high temperatures (80°C and more) and under high pressure with chemical cleaning agents. The Uprox+ food and beverage series below has proven its capabilities under the strict test requirements of the independent test laboratory Ecolab. The resistance of the materials against detergents and disinfectants, the housing’s sealing system and the high level of EMC of the  electronics ensure reliable operation in hostile industrial environments.

Note: Bi Types are flush-mountable, Ni Types are not flush mountable