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Count People in an Area - Set Limits - Get the Action You Want

Multiple Solutions for Varying Premises - Meet Statutory Guidelines

Premises vary in nature of structure, entrances, exits and people traffic flow. And often in the degree of care needed. With over 35 years of experience coupled with over 60,000 automation products, we can help solve most occupancy problems posed by the statutory requirements for proper control of numbers of people in a premises, a room or an area within a building. Our wide range of sensors include wireless models and can connect to intelligent computing processors giving you the actions you need. Whether it is just visual indication to management and staff, counters showing people present or signals to close doors, we can help you.

We have products in stock and are ready to help you with your compliance.

Banner Engineering Video

This 38 second video shows the element which make up an automated counting system


This is how it works:

1. External Sign indicates OK to Enter


2. Sensor Counts Person Entering +1


3. Manager Sees Count Limit Reached (Optional -Limit Adjustable)


4. External Entry Light goes RED - HSE premises Limit Reached


5. Customer collects order


6. Sensor counts Customer leaving -1


7. External Light goes GREEN - Please Enter!

Reduce Queues

Meet Compliance with Regulations

Increase business flow

Avoid Staff disruptions



Our control systems can be wired or wireless. Wireless sensors connect by secure connections to the main control system. The signals required are also activated wirelessly.

Please contact us for details.