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RFID Simulator - "BL Ident Configurator"

When RFID systems are used, questions always arise regarding the operating distance such as
"How fast can the products run past the read-write heads?" or
"How close do the products have to be when they run past the read-write heads?"
In general, a great deal of uncertainty exists regarding the possibilities for using an RFID system.

General information such as "Recommended read-write interval" or "Transfer rate = 0.5 ms/byte" is not usually sufficient
for evaluating use of the equipment in a specific application, because application variables such as data quantity,
speed and distance result from complex interaction between the read-write heads and data carriers.

With the BL-Ident Configurator it is now possible to simulate any specific application
and experiment on-screen with various equipment combinations.
The possible ranges and limitations of any specific combination can be found quickly
by setting the application parameters and using trial-in-error.

Standard function blocks are available for integration of the system into the various bus and control environment such as PROFIBUS-DP, Ethernet and
DeviceNet™. This simplifies the complex programs for the various read-write commands and allocation of the channels significantly.

A free online simulator is available on the Turck website: click on http://www.turck.de/en and select Sensors, select RFID, then RFID Simulator