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Vision Sensors

P4 BCR Models


  Construction: Black anodized aluminium

Right-Angle: 55,6 x 66,8 x 124,5 mm H x W x L
In-Line: 34,3 x 66,8 x 147,3 mm H x W x L
(measured length does not include lens, connectors or cables)

Weight: Approx. 0,29 kg

Environmental Rating: IEC IP20

Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 C

Maximum Relative Humidity: 90%, non-condensing

Display Options: PC and NTSC video (9 m max. cable length)
Imager: 4,8 x 3,6 mm; 6 mm diagonal (1/3" CCD)
Acquisition: Frames per second: 48 max.
Exposure Time: 0,1 ms to 2830 ms
Image Size: 307.200 (640 x 480) pixels
Pixel Size: 7,4 x 7,4 μm
Levels of Grey Scale: 256
Lens Mount: CS-mount
Discrete I/O: 1 Trigger IN
1 Strobe OUT
4 Programmable I/O
1 Product Change
1 Remote TEACH
Input Specifications:
NPN: ON <3 V; OFF-State Voltage >10 V at 4 mA max.
PNP: ON >(+V 2) V at 1 mA max.
OFF-State Voltage <3 V at 6 mA max.
Output Configuration: NPN or PNP software selectable
Output Rating: 150 mA (each)
ON-State Saturation Voltage: <1 V at 150 mA max. NPN;
>V 2 V
OFF-State Leakage Current: <100 μA NPN or PNP
Communication: 1 RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet port
RS232 flying leads
Memory: Stores up to 8 inspection files (jobs)
Power: Voltage: 10-30V dc
Current: 650 mA max. at 24V dc (exclusive of load)
Supply Protection Circuitry: Protected against reverse polarity and
transient voltages
Bi-Colour Status Indicators:
Green = PASS Green = POWER Green = READY
Red = FAIL Red = ERROR Yellow = TRIGGER