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Ultrasonic Sensors type T30

Analogue and Switch Output (pnp)

● Analogue Output (Voltage or Current)
and One pnp transistor output, N.O.
 ● Sonic cone angle of
 12 (long range), 15 (short range)
 ● Plastic housing
 ● Cable, 2 m
 ● Connector

General data
Supply voltage UB 15...24 VDC
Rated operational current Ie 100 mA
No-load current I0 ≤ 90 mA
Voltage drop Ud < 1,5 V
Type T30U-I
Current output 4...20 mA
Load resistance < (UB - 7 V)/20 mA
Type T30U-U
Voltage output 010 V
Load resistance > 1 kΩ
Cyclic short-circuit protection
Wire-breakage protected
Full reverse polarity protection
Temperature drift 0,2 %/K
Linearity tolerance ≤ 0,5 %1)
Degree of protection IP67
Temperature range -20...+70 C
Switching and measuring range via
teach-in function (push button or remote
teach input)

Sensor housing thermopl. polyester
Sonic transducer Epoxy resin
Transducer ring PBT

Dimensional Drawings




Housing T30U, threaded barrel
Spanner size (AF) 36
Thickness of nut 5 mm

Wiring Diagram

(2) Output 1: 4 - 20mA OR 0 - 10V
(4) Output 2: 100 mA max.
(5) Remote teach


Indication LEDs

Green = Power ON
Yellow = Switch Status On/Off
Green Flashing = Overload
Red Flashing = Object Detected (Flash Rate Proportional to Signal Strength)