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Ultrasonic Sensors type T30

Dual Switch Output (pnp)

● Two pnp transistor outputs, N.O.
 ● Sonic cone angle of
 12 (long range), 15 (short range)
 ● Plastic housing
 ● Cable, 2 m
 ● Connector

General data
Supply voltage UB 12...24 VDC
Rated operational current Ie 100 mA
No-load current I0 ≤ 90 mA
Voltage drop Ud < 1,5 V
Cyclic short-circuit protection
Full reverse polarity protection
Wire-breakage protected
Temperature drift 0,17 %/K
Degree of protection IP67
Temperature range -20...+70 C
First and second switching range
via teach-in function (push button or
remote input);

Sensor housing thermopl. polyester
Sonic transducer Epoxy resin
Transducer ring Epoxy resin

Dimensional Drawings




Housing T30U, threaded barrel
Spanner size (AF) 36
Thickness of nut 5 mm

Wiring Diagram

(2) Output 1
(4) Output 2: 100 mA max.
(5) Remote teach

Indication LEDs

Green = Power ON
Yellow = Switch Status On/Off
Green Flashing = Overload
Red Flashing = Object Detected