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Pico Guard Grid
Easy Screen
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Two-Piece Self-Contained Light Screens
EZ (Easy) Screen Light Curtains  - Models & Features

Non-contact machine guarding systems for finger, hand and ankle detection, or perimeter and access guarding

System requires only a self-contained emitter and receiver pair (no control box)

Excellent design for extremely easy alignment and maintenance

Compact, rugged and lightweight housing

Selectable trip or latch output in each receiver

Exceptional diagnostics simplify setup, operation and maintenance

Dozens of mounting options make installation easy



Complete Kits

You can purchase a kit that contains an emitter and receiver of equal length; brackets; and optional interfacing solution and quick-disconnect cables.

Type 4  Screens in
14mm & 30mm Resolution

14mm Resolution for finger, hand and ankle protection or  30 mm resolution for hand and ankle protection

Type 2 Screens in
30mm Resolution 

For lower-risk applications such as bump or bruise, knock-down, trapping but not crushing, or minor cuts and abrasions

Cascade Systems

Cascading allows up to four systems of any length and resolution to be wired together to form a single safety device

Point & Grid Systems 

Suited to a variety of access and long-range perimeter guarding applications Uses 1, 2, 3, or 4 beams to protect personnel and machinery


Safety Interface Relays, Muting Modules, Power Supplies, Mechanically-Linked Contactors....

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