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Barriers for Flow Sensors
Inserted into Zone 0 or Zone 20

These barriers are designed to process the inputs from Flow Sensors in Zone 0 or Zone 20 areas and give a switchpoint in the safe area. Thus they may be used also for sensors in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
They accept the 4-wire single channel input and display flow rate using a chain of 6 LEDs.
The setpoint is selected using a potentiometer. Output is by changeover contact.
See Flow Sensors for Zone 0 Insertion for further details.

● ATEX category II (1) G, Ex Zone 0
● ATEX category II (1) D, Ex Zone 20

Supply Barrier Type Switch Off Delay Flow Indication Data Sheet Link Atex Cert Link Image
230Vac MS96-11EX0-R /230Vac 0 - 25 sec By LED chain
110Vac MS96-11EX0-R /115Vac 0 - 25 sec By LED chain
24Vdc MS96-11EX0-R /24Vdc 0 - 25 sec By LED chain
All barriers are single channel (4 wire input from sensor), Adjustment by Front Potentiometer,
c/o Relay Output, Wire break monitoring




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