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Potentiometer Input Barriers

Variable Resistance Input

These barriers accept inputs from a wide variety of potentiometers and provide a 4-20mA output signal (Ex-I version) or a 0 - 10V output signal (Ex-U version) for use as a control signal  or simply to display the control setpoint on a control room panel display or locally on a field-mounted digital display.

The resistance value of the potentiometer's wiper contact, ranging from 0 Ohms to the nominal resistance value (final value) of the potentiometer, is detected and processed linearly.

A potentiometer is defined by its nominal value. Any potentiometer with a nominal resistance value between 800 Ohms and 20,000 Ohms may be used. The permissible line resistance may not exceed 50 Ohms at a potentiometer resistance of 800 Ohms.





  •  Input from 3-wire or 5-wire potentiometers

  •  Resistance range 800 to 20,000 Ohms

  •  Output 0/4 to 20 mA (Ex-I version) or 0 to 10V (Ex-U version)

  •  Linearity < 0.1%

  • Temperature Drift <0.02% /K of final value                                            

  • Galvanically Isolated

IM Series Type Data Sheet Atex Cert Instructions


If you require potentiometer control of a 4 - 20mA I.S. circuit, this I.S. Set Point Station may be just what you need, just click on image for more details....

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