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I.S. Field-Mounted Digital Indicators

These loop powered indicators have a unique GRP housing. Designed to be practical, visibility of the display is excellent and a separate sealed terminal compartment is provided. This enables the instrument to be installed and connected without opening the instrument itself. The design is also modern in style. The enclosures are robust and are rated IP66. They are often used to display the value in Engineering Units in an I.S. transmitter loop and protected by a Transmitter Barrier. Sometimes the signal originates in the safe area, in this case, the signal can be sent to these displays using a Current Driver Barrier.   If panel mounting in an existing enclosure is preferred, these indicators are available in a panel-mounting version, see  Panel Mounted Indicator models. All models are Loop-Powered from the 4 - 20mA Input.
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Type Digits Digit Height Data Sheet Link Atex Cert Link  Image
BA304D-0  3.5  25.4 mm

BA324D-0 4.5 20 mm

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