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I.S. Panel Indicating Lamps

These indicating lamps are the preferred choice for hazardous area indication. They offer standard indicating lamp size, (22.5mm hole), and a short mounting depth. Most of all, they are intrinsically safe. This means that the connections may be accessed in a hazardous area and no bulky EExe junction boxes are required.

Added to this, the lamp life of these LED clusters is typically over 10 years.

They are competitive in price to EExd equivalents even including barrier costs.  Standard Type are normally driven via a Digital Output Barrier and the new Low-Power models can be powered by as little as 4mA and are suitable for the low power outputs available from Remote I/O (Fieldbus) Systems.

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Lens Colour Red Amber Green Blue White

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Standard Type BA390R BA390A BA390G BA390B BA390W

Low-Power Type BA390RS BA390AS BA390GS BA390BS BA390WS

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