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I.S. Serial Text Display

 (Links to User Guide, Programming Guide & Modbus Interface Guide)

The BA484D and BA488C are intrinsically safe instruments that can display text and simple graphics in a  hazardous area. Incorporating six push-buttons (four in the case of the BA484D) and two solid state outputs, these displays are low cost operator interface ideal for simple machine and process control applications. Incorporating Modbus, BEKA and Legacy protocol, the instrument may be used for new installations or to upgrade existing intrinsically safe systems.
Model Mounting Certified Datasheet Link Atex Cert Link Image
BA484D Field GAS and DUST
BA488C  Panel GAS

Data and power are normally supplied by a 2 wire serial data link from a certified galvanic communications isolator in the safe area. This isolator, which can power and communicate with one or two serial text displays, can be configured with an RS232 or RS422 safe area port. Alternatively, a 3 wire system requiring an additional isolator may be used to communicate with up to four text displays.

 The high contrast liquid crystal display incorporates a green backlight that is powered by the serial data link enabling the display to be read in all lighting conditions from full sunlight to total darkness.

 Six push-buttons (four in the case of the BA484D) which may be used for operator acknowledgments or controls are included below the display. If larger industrial switches are required, up to six external push-buttons may be connected to either version of the text display. When the remote switches are activated, the front panel push-buttons are automatically disabled. 

Two isolated switch outputs, which are controlled via the serial data link, comply with the requirements for simple apparatus and may be used to switch almost any certified intrinsically safe device such as a sounder, beacon or a valve.

 Nine selectable standard screen formats display one, two, three or four variables, with units of measurement, tag descriptions and bargraphs on some screens. The use of a standard display screen format greatly simplifies system design.

 Modbus protocol enables up to eight process variables together with their units of measurement and tag descriptions to be displayed. When used with one of the nine standard screen formats, no programming is required apart from setting the text display's communication parameters and writing each Modbus variable into the text display's Modbus register address map. If a custom screen layout is required in a Modbus system this can be constructed using the BEKA protocol.

 BEKA protocol allows custom screens using five different font sizes together, lines, boxes and bargraphs to be produced and stored in non-volatile memory. Simple bit map graphics may be downloaded and stored. Information can also be written to a hidden screen that may be displayed when required.

 Legacy protocol enables the BA484D to replace an MTL643 ( or the BA488C to replace an MTL644) to provide ATEX certification and a display backlight. No software or galvanic isolator changes are required and the BA488C will fit the existing panel cut-out. If required, simple modifications to the host software will allow the enhanced features of the BA484D to be used i.e. five font sizes, simple graphics, additional operator buttons and a second solid state output.

 ATEX intrinsic safety certification of the BA488C allows installation in all gas hazardous areas (and the BA484D is certified for both dust and gas hazardous areas). Both solid state outputs comply with the requirements for simple apparatus and may be used to switch almost any certified intrinsically safe device such as a sounder, beacon or a valve.

 Scripts are a sequence of commands, downloaded to and stored in non-volatile memory by the Text Display, that can be executed by the instrument without intervention from the host. For example a routine may be written to monitor the instruments pushbuttons and to change the displayed screen or variable depending upon which button has been operated.

Pattern matching is a powerful feature that allows the Text Display to capture and display data contained in a proprietary ASCII serial string, such as that from a weighing system or barcode reader primarily intended for printing.

 The enclosure  of the BA484D is moulded in glass reinforced polyester (GRP), has stainless steel fittings, silicone gaskets and an armoured glass window. Its robust construction provides IP66 protection. A separate terminal compartment allows the BA484D to be installed and terminated without exposing the display electronics.

The front panel of the BA488C has IP66 protection and a neoprene gasket seals the joint between the text display and the panel, making it suitable for use in areas that will be hosed.



To simplify system design the following downloads are available by clicking on the respective link:

BA484D Field Mounted Serial Text Display
BA488C Panel Mounted Serial Text Display