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I.S. Flow Batch Controllers

These intrinsically safe batch controllers are ideal for accurately dispensing liquids, solids or components in a hazardous area. Despite sophisticated control functions, they are easy to use and configure. Screens annotated in English,  French, or German, lead the user intuitively through the available options. They accept a pulse or 4/20mA  analogue input and incorporates a square root extractor and sixteen point lineariser allowing use with almost any flowmeter or sensor. Separate total and rate scaling factors enable the dispensed quantity and the rate of dispensing to  be displayed in the same or in different engineering units.

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Single or two-stage control can be performed with a third output available to control an additional valve or pump. To ensure maximum accuracy, overrun compensation may be selected to automatically minimise batching errors caused by actuator delays.

The backlit display is readable in all lighting conditions. The user screen may be selected so that the operator is only presented with essential process information. Variables that may be displayed include dispensed quantity, batch setpoint, rate of dispensing and controller status. Most of the standard display screens also include a bargraph showing batch progress. A record of total product dispensed is maintained as a grand total together with a history of the last ten batches.

 Up to nine setpoints may be pre-entered and selected by the operator when required. To simplify selection, each  setpoint may be identified by a plain language name having up to sixteen alphanumeric characters.

The three isolated outputs are individually configured as control or status outputs. If more are required, a factory fitted option provides three additional identical isolated outputs.

Front panel push buttons allow the operator to start and stop the batch and to reset the controller at the end of each cycle. For applications where large or remote push buttons are required, control may be transferred to external switches with or without inhibiting the front panel controls.

Counting may be inhibited during a batch by closing an external contact. Thus product may be re-cycled whilst being heated, or the batching system may be purged without affecting the quantity dispensed.

Selectable automatic restart causes the batch controller to execute the batching operation a pre-set number of times. The delay between batches may be set between 1 second and 24 hours, thus enabling the controller to perform regular dosing and sampling operations.

 ATEX certification permits the batch controller to be installed in gas and dust hazardous areas. The magnetic pick-off, voltage pulse and 4/20mA inputs comply with the requirements for simple apparatus, allowing direct connection to most certified flowmeters. Switch contacts and a wide range of certified proximity detectors may also be directly connected to the batch controller. All three control outputs are galvanically isolated and certified as separate intrinsically safe circuits with output parameters complying with the requirements for simple apparatus. This allows most certified hazardous area loads such as valves, lamps, and sounders to be controlled, or the output may be transferred to the safe area via a wide range of Zener barriers or galvanic isolators.

Controller configuration may be performed via the front panel push buttons or optional external switches. To prevent accidental or unauthorised adjustment, access to the configuration menus is restricted by an external security link and an optional user definable four digit security code. 

Supply overload protection prevents the batch controller being damaged if it is directly connected to a dc supply without a Zener barrier or galvanic isolator, thus eliminating a common cause of failure during commissioning and maintenance. 

The GRP enclosure has stainless steel fittings, neoprene gaskets and an armoured glass window. The robust construction provides IP66 protection which has been independently assessed by ITS report available. A separate terminal compartment allows the  instrument to be installed and terminated without exposing the electronic assembly. To further simplify field wiring and subsequent inspection, the terminal cable entries and clamping screws are both forward facing.