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 Panel Mounting  I/O System BL20 for Profibus-DP

Open, modular and extremely flexible:
BL20 is a panel-mounted bus I/O system where the user decides the bus system interface, the I/O layout, type and quantity of inputs and outputs to suit their specific requirements. Interface gateways are also available to communicate with Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, and CAN open. Diagnostic data is transferred to the higher level control-system.

Signal I/O in any order:
I/O modules can be combined in any order to suit your application, whether analogue or digital, irrespective of the fieldbus used. So the I/O layout suits your preference. You can have your I/O on a machine-by-machine basis mixing the I/O the way you want, or say keeping digital signal together etc., whatever you like. You only have to buy the exact number of channels you want, making BL a really cost- effective solution.

Power Supply Modules can also be laid out in any order.

Gateways are the link between the fieldbus system and the I/O modules. They control the entire data communication. The BL20 I/O system provides gateways for all major field-buses. The modules communicate with the gateway via an internal bus. Based on this concept, the system is open to future bus technologies.

Compact Design:
Each BL20 station consists of a gateway and set of base-terminal modules. The base modules are simply clipped onto DIN rail and the I/O etc modules are clipped onto the base modules without the use of tools. Base and electronics modules are mechanically coded and so are simple and safe to allocate. The system is designed for mounting within a control panel. For field-mounted I/O systems see BL67 I/O System.

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A BL20 station can consist of a gateway for PROFIBUS-DP and a maximum of 74 slice modules (approximately 1 m length of DIN rail including end bracket and end plate). With the use of block modules, the maximum number of modules is correspondingly reduced (1 block module corresponds to approximately 8 slice modules)

The maximum number of modules is dependent on the respective system configuration. The maximum number on the module bus may be limited as the maximum current consumption on the module bus may not exceed 1.5 A (refer
to the “Rated current consumption” table, page 20). A limitation may also result if modules with extensive process, parameter and diagnostic data are used. The I/O-ASSISTANT engineering software takes this fact into consideration and issues a warning message if appropriate.

System Maximum Configuration

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The following list details the types and the comprehensive range of modules available.
These give almost infinite flexibility for any application.

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Plug-on Motor Starters can be integrated into the BL20 System.

 Direct starters 0.06 to 5.5 kW with or without trip-indicating auxiliary contact
Reversing starters 0.06 to 4.0 kW with or without trip-indicating auxiliary contact

Meets  IEC/EN 60947-1 and 60947-4-1. Up to a total 63 A,  3-phase

 Software I/O Assistant (Optional)
to help configuration, parameterization and commissioning

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