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Profibus-DP I/O Stations      


When using a bus system like Profibus-DP, it is not practical or economical to fit all simple field devices such as sensors, switches, solenoid valves etc. with a bus interface and then take the bus cable to every field device. The solution is to provide local stations, to which the field devices are connected. The bus cable is then routed from the PLC to the bus stations. These stations should be robust and reliable with a high degree of protection from ingress of water etc. Security of the entire system also depends on the accuracy and integrity of the field wiring.
To assist in providing the necessary security, we offer the following I/O stations which are provided with 7/8 Minifast metal connectors for power and M12 Eurofast metal connectors for the Profibus cable and the I/O cables/cordsets. All stations are epoxy encapsulated and are IP67 degree of protection. We offer all the necessary cables with premoulded connectors in fixed or custom lengths. This ensures reliable correct connections first time and speeds up commissioning. We also offer the special cables needed with field wireable connectors.
These stations are provided with LEDs to provide status, fault and power diagnostics. Any fault information is also communicated to the Profibus Master and is available there for use in the control program. Stations are addressed using rotary switches on the front of the stations and are set before start up. Transmission rates are set by the Master and may be up to 12MBaud. The network is extremely fast: at 12MBaud, typical response times are <1ms per 1,000 I/O points.

    Compact Flat Housing Compact Flat Housing
 (32 channel)
Heavy Duty Housing
I/O I/O Type      
8 Inputs 2 or 3 wire Sensors or Contacts FLDP-IM 8-0001   PDP-IM 81
16 Inputs 2 or 3 wire Sensors or Contacts FLDP-IM 16-0001   PDP-IM 161
32 Inputs 2 or 3 wire Sensors or Contacts FLDP-IM 32-0001    
8 Outputs 0.5A per Output FLDP-OM 8-0001   PDP-OM 81
8 Outputs 2A per Output FLDP-OM 8-0002   PDP-OM 8-0002
16 Outputs 0.5A per Output FLDP-OM 16-0001   PDP-OM 161
8 Inputs + 8 Outputs In: 2/3 wire Sensors Out: 0.5A per Output FLDP-IOM 88-0001   PDP-IOM 881
8 Inputs + 4 Outputs In: 2/3 wire Sensors Out: 2A per Output FLDP-IOM 84-0001   PDP-IOM 84-0001
16 Inputs + 16 Outputs In: 2/3 wire Sensors Out: 0.5A per Output   FLDP-IOM 1616-0001  
24 Inputs + 8 Outputs In: 2/3 wire Sensors Out: 0.5A per Output   FLDP-IOM 248-0001