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"Namur Standard" Sensors

Namur Sensors operate as described below. Putting it simply, when a Namur sensor "sees" a target, the resistance goes from low to high. This is the opposite (in a manner of speaking) to the action of a conventional limit switch where normally the resistance goes from high (infinity) to low (connected) when the switch is activated. This characteristic causes confusion frequently. They require an interface such as the Digital Input Barriers on this website which have a selection switch on the front that is used to reverse the action of the output relay contacts such that they behave like a limit switch (note: the action of the relay is reversed not the action of the sensor).
The sensors comply with European Standard EN 60947-5-6 (formerly EN 50227).
If a Namur sensor is used in a Non-Hazardous Area and the signal needs to be converted into a simple contact signal, say, as an input to a PLC or DCS, the following interface may be used: