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I.S. Photoelectric Proximity Sensors - Retroflective

The following are NAMUR intrinsically safe sensors and are powered by a Digital Input Barrier which may be selected by clicking on any link for Digital Input Barrier.
Retroflective sensors are also manufactured with a light emitter and receiver in one unit. However, they operate by establishing a light beam between the sensor and a special reflector positioned opposite the sensor. If the light beam is broken, the sensor switch operates.  If the objects to be sensed are highly reflective then a polarised retroflective sensor should be used. 
Don't forget to order the plug and lead (cordset) also if ordering a sensor with a connector.

Sensing Distance Model Polarized /Non Connector Data Sheet Link Atex Cert Link Housing Images
0 to 2m MIAD9LVAG Yes 2m Flying Lead
Mini-Beam (Compact)
0 to 2m MIAD9LVAGQ Yes M12 Conn
0 to 5m MIAD9LV No 2m Flying Lead
0 to 5m MIAD9LVQ No M12 Conn
150mm to 6m Q45AD9LP Yes 2m Flying Lead
Q45 (Full Size)
6m Q45AD9LPQ Yes M12 Conn
80mm to 9m Q45AD9LV No 2m Flying Lead
9m Q45AD9LVQ No M12 Conn